Zoning & Land Use

Towns and municipalities regulate the use of land through zoning laws and ordinances. Planners divide towns and cities into areas specifically zoned as residential, commercial or mixed use. When developers, builders, home or business owners construct, remodel or renovate dwellings or other buildings, permits, variances and site approvals may be required before work begins.

Nearly all counties, cities and municipalities have permitting requirements of one sort or another, which often complicate the process of building and development. State and federal regulations related to the environment, water, waste facilities and utilities add to the complex steps involved in construction and the development of real estate.

To keep your project on track, legal advice, guidance and skillful negotiation assistance is frequently a necessity. Mark Dioguardi is an expert in both commercial and residential developments requiring site plan approvals, permitting (including special use permits) and assorted variances in towns throughout metro-Phoenix and beyond. Mark has worked with city officials, investors, planners, project managers, engineers, architects and lawyers representing both developers and communities.

Mark has handled projects ranging from small subdivisions, office complexes, golf course communities and shopping centers to mixed-use developments, LEEDS green building ventures to recreational centers, resorts and even entire communities. Whatever the need, the objective is to present the proper proof and information in a clear manner, and comply with federal, state and local regulations.

Dioguardi Law Firm, PLLC has the expertise and skills to coordinate with your project’s team and help you effectively navigate through complicated regulations and procedures.